Joe Demeo with his newly built 30BR


Newly Delivered HV Rifle built in May 2006 for Peter Hammerich of Nice France.

Bat Action and Stock made from an especially attractive piece of English Walnut and fitted with a Krieger barrel.

Allie Euber & Dale Boop 2 Goodling World team guns.

Dale Boop owner of several Goodling built rifles.

Dean Breeden 2005 IBS Score Shooter of the year receiving award from Chairman of the IBS Score Committee Gary Long at the annual Meeting.

Dean won (5) State Championships and the 100/200-yard Nationals among other things with his Goodling built 30BR "Old Lightning".



Dean Breeden 2005 IBS 100-200 yard National Champion in the Varmint for Score class. Deans 500-33x was the only 500 for the weekend.



Dean Breeden and David Apple first and second place Varmint for Score Grand Aggregate 2005 IBS Score Nationals winners. Both used rifles built by Goodling Rifles.

David Apples "Woodroe" being built

David with Woodroe at 2005 IBS Score Nationals

Sid with a wooden stocked rifle that he built stock from a basic piece of wood.


Ed Davis with new Goodling built rifle.

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